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Creative Brief: The Cayman Way

6 Mar


CLIENT/ASSIGNMENT: Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands make up one of the most beautiful island chains of the Caribbean. It is a destination that provides a rich culture, relaxing luxury, and brilliant adventure.

DELIVERABLES: Magazine Campaign (1 single page, 1 spread), Online Promotion.

PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Cayman Islands provide not only a great, colorful place to go diving, but also a relaxing, luxurious vacation. It is a destination where customers can find anything they need from a calming message to an adrenaline pumping dive trip.

BACKGROUND: As the spring and summer vacations approach, we want people to choose the Cayman Islands as their next vacation destination. We are also advertising because we are directly competing with other Caribbean islands.

DEMOGRAPHIC/TARGET AUDIENCE: Men. Ages 25 to 50. They are people who love adventure, love diving, always looking for someplace new to explore, and they are willing to spend money for an unforgettable experience. They like the outdoors. As much as they like having an adrenaline rush, they also like to relax.

STRATEGY: The current strategy is highlighting the wonder of Cayman diving. However, the photo used in the ads is not all that wonderful. The color of the coral is beautiful, but it isn’t enough to separate this dive site from others. It needs more umph.

The current strategy does a good job of highlighting some unique characteristics of the Cayman Islands such as the 80 degree water and the 365 different diving sites, however they do not highlight these in a way that people can connect to. Telling customers about 365 different diving sites is not very convincing because the consumers already know they cannot go on all the dive sites. It would be better to highlight a few of the truly phenomenal dive sites in a way that makes them seem exciting and unique.

To make the strategy more effective, we need to highlight how unforgettable the experience at Cayman truly is. We need to take photos of Stingray City and other specific wonders. We need photos of underwater shots that are so phenomenal that people will remember Cayman when they make their vacation plans. It would be better to have actual divers in the ads also, so that the viewers can say, “I want to be that person.” Most diving ads have underwater shots that are awe-inspiring, so we need to be more awe-inspiring or we need to try a different approach.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this campaign is to help customers see why the Cayman Islands are more adventurous and unique than other tropical locations. Our goal is to highlight the specific characteristics of the Caymans that make it stand out so that they will visit our website and book their next vacation in the Cayman Islands.

CONSUMER TAKE-AWAY: “You should book a trip to Cayman because it will bring adventure and an unforgettable experience.”

We want the customers to feel like they are missing out on something if they do not go there. We want them to feel that when they come here, they will have an unforgettable experience. We want them to feel like it is easy to book their next trip to the Cayman Islands.

SUPPORTING KEY FACTS: There are three Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

One of the main attractions is the Seven Mile Beach where the resorts are.

There are several shipwrecks that make great diving spots.


-Escape Ordinary

-Immerse Yourself

-Try It The Cayman Way

-“That day you pet a stingray”

-“That day you swam with sharks”


Mood Board – Demographic

6 Mar

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Mood Board – Feel of CAYMAN

6 Mar

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The CAYMAN WAY: Spread

4 Mar

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