Dog Gone Diabetes



CLIENT/ASSIGNMENT: My charity is called Dog Gone Diabetes, and our mission is to help people with diabetes find a Diabetes Alert Dog (DAD) that fits their personality. We are dedicated to training and raising DADs in order to assist people living with Diabetes. Any donations given to us go towards the training, feeding, and caring for our dogs, and towards diabetes researchers who are working to find a cure for this disease.

DELIVERABLES: 3 Print Ads (2 Spreads and 1 Single), 1 Logo (Black and White and Color), 1 15-Second Online Story Board, 1 Interactive Landing Page

PRODUCT/SERVICE: We provide DADs to people who want to live a better life with their diabetes. We raise money in order to fund the training, care, and placement of these amazing dogs.

BACKGROUND: Normally, a person with diabetes can feel the warning signals of low blood sugar, but some people are unable to feel the symptoms. A Diabetic Alert Dog can smell when it’s owner’s blood sugar is to high or too low, and it can warn its owner before the blood sugar drops to an alarming rate. There are not many charities that focus on this service, and there are currently none based in the Los Angeles area.

DEMOGRAPHIC/TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and Women between the ages of 20-80. They have a love for animals (especially dogs), they have relatives who have diabetes, and they have money to donate to the cause. They want to feel like they can help.

STRATEGY: We need to be memorable, inspiring, informative, and also fun. We want people to feel good about our dogs and what we do, but we also need them to understand the important role these dogs play in a person’s life.

OBJECTIVE: Our objective is to raise awareness about our program and gain donations so that we can further diabetic research and help people get Diabetic Alert Service Dogs.

CONSUMER TAKE-AWAY: “Diabetic Alert Service Dogs help people with diabetes live better, healthier lives, so donate to our cause.”

SUPPORTING KEY FACTS: Dogs can smell when their owner’s blood sugar gets too low, and warn them before they faint or worse. They help people living with diabetes live without worry.







DogGoneDiabetesLOGO                                      DogGoneDiabetesLOGO













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