Wildflowers Benefit Concert


CLIENT/ASSIGNMENT: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They work to help combat our nation’s issue involving suicide. They conduct research on suicide and have multiple projects where struggling people and receive help and guidance.

DELIVERABLES: Poster (11 x 17), CD Cover (5 x 5), Online Component (Web Design/ Activity).

PRODUCT/SERVICE: A benefit concert to promote awareness on the signs of suicide, how to prevent it, and gain donations for further research on this disease. The concert is meant to be entertaining and also informative and emotional.

BACKGROUND: Suicide effects

DEMOGRAPHIC/TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and women ages 15-50. Though suicide is most common amongst middle-aged men and women, it affects everybody when it happens. Thus, it is an issue that everyone can help combat.

STRATEGY: The strategy for the poster is to be visually appealing and interesting so it will draw attention from any passerby. We want to message to communicate clearly, but we also want to be edgy and interesting enough to get people to go on the website for further details. Thus, and interesting design with clear typing will be the most effective strategy.

The strategy for the website needs to involve installing a sense of hope for the visitors to the sight. Thus, they need to be able to do some activity on the sight that makes them feel as though they are helping combat the issue of suicide.

OBJECTIVE: The goal is to get people to come to the concert so they can learn about the signs of suicide and hopefully prevent themselves or someone else from committing suicide. We want to highlight that it is a musical event, but also focus on what the event is for; to help people better understand what causes suicide.

The goal of the online campaign is to get people to learn about suicide and to feel a sense of hope about the issue. We want them to feel like they too can help in this fight, and we want the website to also further convince them to attend the concert.

CONSUMER TAKE-AWAY: “Come to this concert and help people struggling with suicide”

SUPPORTING KEY FACTS: There are many different things that cause suicide. Many people do not know the signs of suicide and do not know when someone is suicidal.



-Date/Time of Event: June 24th @ 8:00 PM

-Place: The Troubadour

-Performance By: Anna Rose

-A Benefit Concert for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention







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